CoagSense Coagulation Controller at Creagh

Pi’s CoagSense at Creagh

Working closely with a contractor, CSL, five plants in Wexford now have their coagulation process controlled by Process Instruments CoagSense coagulation controllers.

Alongside Peter Houlihan from CSL, Process Instruments (IRL) Ltd. supplied and commissioned the CoagSense coagulation controllers at Taylorstown, Newtown, Vinegar Hill, Kilmallock and Creagh, all in Wexford.

Good coagulation control is essential to achieving the water quality goals set by Irish Water. In particular, the reduction in organics found in many water supplies across Ireland is essential to reducing Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) and in order to do that, a coagulant is dosed into the raw water. Getting the right amount of coagulant has traditionally been one of the most challenging aspects of water treatment.

Process Instruments Ireland has been working with Irish Water for a number of years to develop the CoagSense. The CoagSense controller has different sensors on different sites (including pH, Flow, UV254, Streaming Current and Turbidity) to continually assess raw water quality, and doses pH adjustment chemicals and coagulants in order to condition the water correctly for the next stages of the plant.

Successful Coagulation Control across Ireland

The additional five plants bring the total number of successfully installed and CoagSense controlled water plants in Ireland to thirty.

Part of the success of the CoagSense, has been the process of working with the contractors to design a bespoke control system for each plant using the building blocks that go into a CoagSense. From there, Process Instruments Ireland works closely with the operators to ensure that they are fully trained and comfortable in this innovative and high-tech solution to a long-standing problem.

Remote Access Graph

Remote Access Graph

After working with the operators during installation and commissioning, Process Instruments Ireland continues to support the operators using the remote access provided with the CoagSense. Pi’s remote access can allow specific analysis of results, and remote identification; a problem that can then be rectified on site by operators.

Tim Harte of Process Instruments (IRL) said of working with operators of plants with newly installed CoagSense coagulation controllers:

“It is a joy to work with operators as they go from healthily sceptical to accepting to enthusiastic users of CoagSense. I particularly enjoy helping operators get tighter and better control over plants that have potentially given coagulation problems in the past. We are all working towards better and healthier drinking water all of the time.”

See how the CoagSense Coagulation controller could help you manage your water treatment or take a look at Pi’s range of treatment products to find the right system for you.

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